What is a hairdryer brush and what is it for

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Every girl and woman wants to look attractive. The hairdryer is a modern styler with built-in protection against overheating, which will help to create the required volume of hair, to perform complex hairstyles in a comfortable home environment. The set includes attachments for drying, styling. The peculiarity of the hairdryer – brushes – the presence of several modes at once, making it possible to curl quickly and easily in different ways: curls, spirals, waves in a short period of time, regardless of the length of the strands, according to the mood or on a special occasion. Use the best hot air brushes.

General characteristics of devices

A hairdryer is a styler that combines the functions of a brush and a hairdryer to create a stylish look in just 7-10 minutes. Manufacturers offer today a variety of different models, different in power, temperature conditions, additional functionality, cost.

On sale you can find devices:

  • Household, fully functional and affordable;
  • Professional with increased power, the presence of 10 or more attachments for modeling various hairstyles;
  • Wireless devices with a built-in cord rotation system.

The main parameters of the hairdryer – brushes:

  • Power is an important factor in the flow rate and air temperature. In household models, it is 700-2400 W, professional – from 2500 and above.
  • Temperature conditions. Household appliances hair dryers are equipped with 2-3 modes of supply of hot, warm, cold air for drying hair and fixing ready-made curls.
  • Almost all devices (household, professional) are equipped with a built-in overheating system and removable, non-removable nozzles.
  • Air ionization is a mode that protects the structure of curls from damage and prevents the electrification of curled curls. This is an important mode when using the device in the winter, in order to prevent over-drying, damage to the structure of the strands from exposure to dry hot air.
  • Steam humidification is a mode that makes it possible to instantly simulate curls on the head.
  • Nozzles for even distribution of heat, prevention of drying, burning strands. Usually made of durable, environmentally friendly material – ceramics, tourmaline. The simplest stylers are equipped with non-removable 2-6 attachments, due to which you can make a perm in one version. Expensive models already have advanced functionality. The package includes 10 or more removable attachments at once.

Pros and cons

A hairdryer brush is an indispensable assistant for girls, laying strands into a beautiful hairstyle in a matter of minutes. The package includes attachments with several modes for styling, drying, curling, blowing curls or straightening already curly strands of different shape, length, diameter.

Pros of the device:

  • Zero gravity, so you can always take it with you on trips;
  • Fast creation of the desired volume on the head, complex hairstyles;
  • Built-in protection against overheating, thanks to which you can use the device for a long time without fear of hair damage;
  • Ease of use for strands of any length and stiffness;
  • The ability to model the most original hairstyles at home, if you skillfully use the attachments, creating your own style.

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