CHI 1″ Ceramic Style Flat Iron by Farouk – Black/Gold Review

Curling Irons and Straighteners Review

In every industry, there is always one product that gets touted as being the best, so it’s important to choose the best solution for yourself, read Chi Hair Dryer reviews to make sure that all the benefits in this article are true and described accurately.

In the world of hair styling, flat irons, the CHI 1″ Ceramic Style Flat Iron is known as one of the best products available. Since there are plenty of competitors out there, customers need to know exactly what sets the CHI 1″ Ceramic Style Flat Iron apart from their competitors. Of course, the end result is a good place to start. If a flat iron doesn’t produce silky, shiny, straight hair with ease, then it’s obviously not all it’s cracked up to be. The CHI 1″ Ceramic Style Flat Iron produces those highly desirable results, but it also packs in quite a few other features too.

Super Quick Heating

If you’ve owned more than one flat iron, you probably know how long some of them take to heat up. In fact, many people have to get up early each day simply to allow their flat iron enough time to heat up. The CHI 1″ Ceramic Style Flat Iron has a “Flash Heating” system that gets the temperature up to 180 degrees in just 10 seconds. You’ll never have to run on your flat iron’s schedule again, once you start using the CHI 1″ Ceramic Style Flat Iron. With a top temperature of 410 degrees, you’ll always have enough heat to straighten even the thickest, hardest-to-penetrate hair. Other irons may say they’re quick to heat up, but the CHI 1″ Ceramic Style Flat Iron actually lives up to, and surpasses, most standard heating times.

CHI 1″ Ceramic Style Flat Iron Features and Specifications

  • recessed plates to prevent skin burns;
  • ceramic plates and coils produce moist, even heat;
  • squeeze sensitivity to apply more direct heat with a tighter squeeze;
  • negative ion emissions to push moisture directly into hair follicles;
  • positive ions to repel moisture and maintain a silky, straight look with no frizz.

CHI 1″ Ceramic Style Flat Iron Reviews

Real life customers rave about how effective the CHI 1″ Ceramic Style Flat Iron is for making their hair more silky, shiny, straight and manageable. It’s hard to call any product the best, as there is always a certain amount of subjectivity when people are doing the rating. But, considering the high volume of positive customer reviews, along with the Chi reputation for quality, makes the CHI 1″ Ceramic Style Flat Iron one of the most highly recommended straightening irons available today.

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