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John Paul Mitchell Systems have done it yet again! They have introduced yet another line of great hair products. It is known as the Awapuhi Wild Ginger Luxury Hair Care Line and it has taken the market by storm. The Paul Mitchell awapuhi range of products was launched during as JPMS celebrated their 30th anniversary.

The co-founders of JPMS put up an awapuhi ginger root farm in Hawaii 3 decades ago. This they after learning that the awapuhi wild ginger heals and restores damaged hair and skin. They then released Paul Mitchell awapuhi shampoo.

This was their first product and it marked their entry into the market. The hair care industry has since expanded and grown. There are now many companies that manufacture hair care products. It is east to find hair products that can do just about anything you want. The downside is that these other products tend to leave you with damaged hair that lacks moisture and looks unhealthy.

If these words describe your hair then it is time to switch to Paul Mitchell products. The Paul Mitchell awapuhi wild ginger collection has eight amazing hair products. They are inclusive of a shampoo, two keratin treatments, two texturizers, 2 finishing products and one conditioner. These awapuhi wild ginger products all serve different purposes.

Awapuhi Wild Ginger-Restore damaged hair

Are you looking for a hair product that will restore your damaged hair? Paul Mitchell awapuhi wild ginger keratin treatments are what you need. The awapuhi wild ginger Kera Triplex Treatment and Keratin Intensive Treatments are made from Kera Triplex. Kera Triplex is which is obtained from sheep’s wool helps to heal and restore damaged hair. The awapuhi wild ginger keratin treatments are also devoid of sulfate. This ensures that they preserve and protect your hair’s color.

How to use Paul Mitchell’s awapuhi wild ginger treatments

To repair damaged hair first apply the awapuhi wild ginger Kera Triplex Treatment to hair and let the Keratin protein all be absorbed.

Next you apply the deep penetrating Keratin Intensive Treatment cream. This awapuhi wild ginger product which retails as a home treatment should be applied with heat for 10 minutes.

Awapuhi Wild Ginger-Cleanse and Condition Your Hair

The awapuhi wild ginger luxury hair care line also has products that cleanse and condition your hair. Examples of these are the awapuhi wild ginger Moisturizing Lather Shampoo and the awapuhi wild ginger Keratin Cream Rinse.

The awapuhi wild ginger moisturizing Lather Shampoo is suitable for all types of hair. It can also be used on hair that has been processed using chemical or color-treated. This Paul Mitchell shampoo contains natural awapuhi wild ginger extracts that balance moisture and give hair a healthy shine. Use this well balanced that has no sulfate to gently clean, protect and soften your hair.

The awapuhi wild ginger Keratin cream Rinse is a great hair conditioning product. This Paul Mitchell awapuhi product is responsible for softening, detangling and conditioning hair. It has Keratin protein that repairs and protects damaged hair, gives it a healthy shine and leaves it feeling silky.

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