A layered hairstyle goes very well as a medium length hairstyle

Curling Irons and Straighteners Review

Here are step-by-step how to get this medium hair style:

  1. After prelightening the hair to remove old color, Relevance 7cc was opplied to the hair to create a medium deep copper blonde.
  2. Start with a quadrant parting. Tilt the head slightly forward and make a horizontal parting curving upward.
  3. Cut the hair in small increments using a slight elevation and working from the center outward creating a round shape.
  4. Continue working up to the second round using natural elevation.
  5. At this section make sure not to cut too short while still keeping a round shape.

6-7. Bring head slightly up and continue cutting in small increments using natural elevation to third round.

  1. At the fringe area, take a section at the hairline from the corner of the eye, slightly elevate and cut straight across.
  2. At side hairline, take a small section and connect fringe area to the sides by cutting in small increments making sure to keep working the round shape.
  3. Working in horizontal sections, connect the side panel to the back area making the cuts in small increments while utilizing the natural elevation.

11-12. Work up to the third round in the same manner. The perimeter is now done.

  1. Begin layering at the center back. Take a vertical section from the second round up and hold hair straight out. Layer entire head in this manner working from the back to the front.
  2. Now it’s time to deconstruct. Using texture shears take a section of hair from the second round and glide upward to deconstruct. Remember to keep scissors moving to keep from creating a harsh line in the hair and to add movement and softness.
  3. Work from the back to the front hairline while deconstructing.

16-17. Emulsify a small amount of CTRL lanza upgrade into the palm of hand and work product into the hair from the nape to the front in a downward motion.

  1. Using a diffuser, work ends upward while moving hands through the hair downward  to create fullness and texture at the ends while creating no roof lift.

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