What is a hairdryer brush and what is it for

Every girl and woman wants to look attractive. The hairdryer is a modern styler with built-in protection against overheating, which will help to create the required volume of hair, to perform complex hairstyles in a comfortable home environment. The set includes attachments for drying, styling. The peculiarity of the hairdryer – brushes – the presence of several modes at once, making it possible to curl quickly and easily in different ways: curls, spirals, waves in a short period of time, regardless of the length of the strands, according to the mood or on a special occasion. Use the best hot air brushes.

What Hair Shears Should I Buy For Beginners?

When learning how to cut hair, there are several important steps you need to take. First, learn about hair styles and how to accessorize your hairstyle. Next, learn about hair shears, and you can cut your hair much faster than if you only know how to use scissors. Look best hair cutting shears for beginners.…
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Babyliss Pro BABNT3050 Nano Titanium Straightening Iron, 0.5 Inch Review

Getting your hair to cooperate can sometimes seem like a battle. You need the brush that straightens hair reviews and right hair styling tools and accessories to help you out. Unfortunately, many hair straighteners can put up a battle of their own. No one wants to fight with their hair, and their flat iron, to…
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Majoring in Curls: Feed Those Winter Locks

The holiday season is finally upon us! Who can resist time with the family? For college students with a semester of the year under our belts, it’s a time to relax. Article by Wild at Heart blog.

Awapuhi Wild Ginger

John Paul Mitchell Systems have done it yet again! They have introduced yet another line of great hair products. It is known as the Awapuhi Wild Ginger Luxury Hair Care Line and it has taken the market by storm. The Paul Mitchell awapuhi range of products was launched during as JPMS celebrated their 30th anniversary.…
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Majoring in Curls: Curls in Art

The amazing thing about museums in London is that they’re completely free! Unlike most U.S. museums. England encourages people to absorb as much culture as possible without having to pay for it, which I love. The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square is the largest museum of paintings in the city, and I visited it three…
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Moroccan oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Moroccanoil is among the leading international hair care lines. It is fast becoming the people’s choice for hair care products. Moroccanoil is so popular it has been rated as the best buy by magazines like Lee & Hoda, Seventeen, Modern Salon, VerveGirl, MarieClaire, Stylist and many others. Moroccanoil shampoo and conditioner hair care products are…
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A layered hairstyle goes very well as a medium length hairstyle

Here are step-by-step how to get this medium hair style: After prelightening the hair to remove old color, Relevance 7cc was opplied to the hair to create a medium deep copper blonde. Start with a quadrant parting. Tilt the head slightly forward and make a horizontal parting curving upward. Cut the hair in small increments…
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Paul Mitchell Straightener

Paul Mitchell Straightener satisfied customers are enjoying themselves with the following features: moisture retention; UL listed cord; sheen  and lustre; fast-heating ceramic paddles that achieve maximum heat; usable for all hair types and textures: chemically straightened, damaged, fine, medium, coarse or ethnic. Paul Mitchell Straightener-Beautiful and Healthy Hair With the Use of Hot Air Before…
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Majoring in Curls: Spring into a New Look

Most of the curly girls that I know have been asked at one point or another “Why don’t you straighten your hair more often?” When I’m asked, I generally deflect the question with a smile and a polite “I just prefer my curls.” While “I prefer my curls” is the theme of this column, there…
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Moroccanoil Curl Control Cream

Tame that wild unruly curly hair with the moroccanoil curl control cream. Your hair will no longer escape your control after you apply this cream that will keep it tame, neat, and most importantly beautiful. If you have wild frizzy hair that seems to stay in that shape forever than the perfect way to get…
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Hair Straightener & Curler

Style Your Hair with Hair Straightener Curler Hair straightener roller Nowadays, girls love to get their hair styled with the help of hair straightener roller and hair straightener dryer. These have become important tools for girls to flaunt their sexy hairs. With branded hair straightener roller who can have shiny perfect curls to enhance your…
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CHI 1″ Ceramic Style Flat Iron by Farouk – Black/Gold Review

In every industry, there is always one product that gets touted as being the best, so it’s important to choose the best solution for yourself, read Chi Hair Dryer reviews to make sure that all the benefits in this article are true and described accurately.

Majoring in Curls: Summer Hair Care

We’ve finally reached those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summertime. I love summer, especially the cool nights when you can sit outside forever. That is, if the mosquitoes and black flies don’t eat you alive first. And I know that there is nothing more relaxing than going to the beach and not doing a thing…
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Short Hairstyles Face-Off

What “shape” your face is in will help you decide if short hairstyles are right for your hair? Short hairstyles are appealing for so many reasons — ease, comfort, style, and versatility. But one of the best things about short hairstyles is how attractive they make women look…some women that is. Unfortunately, not every face…
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Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron Review

It takes more than washing and combing your hair to make it behave and style the way you want it to. If your hair is anything other than arrow straight, you know just how difficult it can be to get a smooth, shiny, manageable look without the help of a professional salon. The Babyliss Pro…
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Farouk CHI 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Hair Straightener Iron

When your hair doesn’t cooperate, no matter what you do, you have a few things you can do. You can make a lot of appointments at the salon for expensive treatments, or you can take matters into your own hands and get professional quality tools of the trade. If you have some misbehaving hair that…
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HAI Convertable Ceramic 1 1/4 inch Pressing Flat Iron Review (Model: YW031204)

When you think about a flat iron, you might think of a one-dimensional hair styling tool that only handles one task well – straightening hair. Well, the HAI Convertable Ceramic 1 1/4 inch Pressing Flat Iron is out to show the world just how versatile a flat iron can be. Not only does this iron…
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Babyliss Pro Ceramic Tools Straightening Iron Review

If you have very thick hair, you may wonder why some hair straightening irons simply don’t do what they’re supposed to when you use them. The bottom line usually comes down to heat. If a straightening iron doesn’t get hot enough, it doesn’t penetrate thick hair enough to effectively style or straighten it. In fact,…
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Curly College Scene: Skip a Shampoo or Two

I have a little secret — one that my straight-haired friends might even call a “dirty”? little secret. I haven’t washed my hair in three days. While going more than a day or two without washing or brushing your hair is quite the social travesty for the average teen, it’s usual for many curly girls.…
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